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Best Minecraft Servers

Exploring the best Minecraft servers is like embarking on a journey through a universe of limitless possibilities, where each server offers a unique adventure. Whether you're looking for a survival challenge, creative building, or PvP combat, our Minecraft Server List caters to every play style. For those seeking a more straightforward, no-frills approach, for a UGC-like in-game server directory you may want to look into Minehut.

Minecraft Server List

Our Minecraft Server List displays the Best Minecraft Servers available right now! We rank servers by votes. The more votes a server gets, the higher the server ranks. This list is curated by our team and is updated every hour.

A Minecraft Server List is a gateway to discovering exciting gaming worlds. Our list is optimized for Google Chrome, featuring a diverse range of the best Minecraft servers.

For those who prefer a more controlled environment, Minecraft Java servers and Minecraft modded servers offer endless possibilities.

Adding a Minecraft Server to your Game

Ready to explore Minecraft servers? Add servers using our recommended IP addresses in your Minecraft Multiplayer settings and dive into diverse worlds.

Adding servers in Minecraft, whether you're playing on Java or Bedrock Edition, is a straightforward process that opens up a world of diverse multiplayer experiences. For players of the Java Edition, the first step is to launch the game and navigate to the 'Multiplayer' section from the main menu. Here, you'll find an option to 'Add Server.' Clicking on this prompts you to enter the server details. You'll need the server's name and IP address, which are usually provided on the server's website or listing. For example, if you're joining a popular server like Hypixel, you would enter 'Hypixel' as the server name and its IP address, such as 'mc.hypixel.net', in the designated fields. After filling in these details, clicking 'Done' adds the server to your list, and it's ready to join.

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the process is similarly user-friendly. Start the game and go to the 'Play' menu, then select the 'Servers' tab at the top of the screen. At the bottom of this tab, there's an option to 'Add Server.' Here, you'll be required to input the server's name, IP address, and port. Bedrock Edition servers often use different IP addresses and ports compared to their Java counterparts, so it's crucial to use the correct details specific to Bedrock servers. For instance, to join a Bedrock Edition server like Mineplex, you would enter the server's name, its specific IP address (like 'mco.mineplex.com'), and the port (usually the default port works for most servers). After entering these details, clicking 'Save' adds the server to your list, making it accessible for endless hours of fun.

It's important to note that while adding servers is easy, players should always ensure they are joining safe and reputable servers. The Minecraft community has a vast array of servers, each offering unique experiences, from survival and creative modes to mini-games and modded adventures. Whether you're delving into the Minecraft Java or Bedrock server universe, the process not only connects you with servers worldwide but also with the vibrant, diverse community that makes Minecraft an endlessly engaging game.

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