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A mode where players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the land in order to survive.


Players join factions (teams) and compete against each other, claiming land, building bases, and defending against other factions.


Players start on a small floating island with minimal resources and must expand their world and survive with limited means.


Players start in a prison and must work their way up by mining and completing tasks to earn money and rank up, eventually 'escaping' the prison.


A challenging mode where players can steal hearts (lives) from other players by defeating them, with the risk of losing their own hearts.


A game mode featuring a map based on Earth, where players can explore real-world locations and build communities.


A cross-over between Minecraft and Pokémon, where players can catch, train, and battle Pokémon in a Minecraft world.


Focuses on town-building and management, where players can create towns, join nations, and interact in a player-driven economy.


An extreme version of survival mode with permadeath, where players cannot respawn once they die, making the game much more challenging.


Players have unlimited resources, no health or hunger, and the ability to fly, focusing on building and creativity.


Player versus Player mode, where players engage in combat against each other, often in arenas or specific game types.


Player versus Environment, where players battle against AI-controlled mobs and face environmental challenges.

Java & Bedrock

Enables players from different platforms, like Java and Bedrock Editions, to play together on the same server.


A mode focusing on economic gameplay, involving trading, jobs, and financial systems to simulate a market economy.


Consists of various small games, often competitive, ranging from simple puzzles to complex challenges.


Involves players attacking and looting other players' bases or territories to gain resources and dominance.


Adds an RPG-like experience to Minecraft, with skills, abilities, and leveling systems enhancing the vanilla gameplay.


A mode centered around generating resources and wealth, often through automated systems and clever engineering.

Pocket Edition

The mobile version of Minecraft, adapted for touchscreen controls and optimized for mobile devices.


A blend of Minecraft and collectible monsters, where players can find, train, and battle creatures in a blocky world.


A strategic PvP game where players must protect their bed while trying to destroy their opponents' beds, respawning until their own bed is gone.


Challenges players with intricate jump and run courses, testing agility and timing across various obstacles and platforms.


Players focus on constructing and managing their own city, dealing with infrastructure, economy, and citizen needs.


A themed adventure based on the popular anime, featuring quests, exploration, and special abilities tied to the OnePiece universe.


A survival game mode where players battle on floating islands, with the goal of being the last one standing.


A mode that incorporates elements of cryptocurrency, where players can earn, trade, and use virtual currencies within the game.

Family Friendly

A safe and welcoming mode for players of all ages, focusing on cooperative play and community-friendly content.

FTB (Feed The Beast)

A collection of modpacks that enhance gameplay, offering new items, worlds, and quests, often with a focus on automation and technology.


A tech-oriented modpack that adds industrial and mechanical elements to the game, allowing for complex machinery and automation setups.


A casual, incremental game mode where players earn resources and upgrades by clicking, simulating a relaxing and progressive gameplay.


A new server that has recently been added to the list.


A server that has been voted as one of the best servers on the list.


A server that uses mods to enhance the gameplay.


A server that uses the default Minecraft server software without any mods or plugins.


A server that focuses on role-playing, often with custom quests, classes, and other RPG elements.


A server with no rules, where players can do whatever they want, often with a focus on griefing and PvP.


Survival-Multiplayer, a mode where players can interact with each other in a shared world, often with a focus on community and cooperation.

Modded Bedrock

A server that uses mods to enhance the gameplay, specifically for Bedrock Edition.