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How to Get Fireflies in Minecraft 1.20

Did you know that fireflies have made their way into the enchanting world of Minecraft? The latest update, version 1.20, introduces these luminous creatures, adding a touch of magic and wonder to the game. Fireflies in Minecraft not only create a mesmerizing ambiance but also serve practical purposes for players. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft player or just starting out on your block-building adventures, this comprehensive guide will show you how to find, attract, catch, and utilize fireflies in Minecraft 1.20. So, get ready to embark on an illuminating journey as we delve into the captivating world of fireflies in Minecraft!

What are Fireflies?

Fireflies are enchanting creatures that have made their way into the world of Minecraft 1.20, adding a touch of magic and wonder to the game. These luminous insects can be found in various biomes, bringing life and beauty to the night sky. In this guide, we will explore how to find, attract, catch, and utilize fireflies in Minecraft 1.20.

Finding Fireflies

To embark on your firefly adventure, you'll first need to know where to look. Fireflies can spawn in specific locations within different biomes. Keep an eye out for these glowing wonders in forests, flower fields, swamps, and other lush areas. Exploring these biomes during nighttime will increase your chances of encountering fireflies.

Attracting Fireflies

If you want to create a mesmerizing ambiance in your Minecraft world with fireflies, there are a few tricks to attract them. Luminous plants such as glow berries and sea pickles can lure fireflies closer. Placing light sources like lanterns or torches around these plants will enhance their radiance and make them more appealing to fireflies. Additionally, removing hostile mobs from the area can create a safer environment for fireflies to thrive.

Catching Fireflies

Capturing fireflies can be a thrilling experience, allowing you to keep them as companions or use them for various purposes. There are several techniques you can employ to catch fireflies effectively. Using a silk touch tool like shears or a glass bottle allows you to collect fireflies without harming them. Alternatively, crafting catching jars using glass bottles and iron ingots provides a portable container for carrying fireflies with you.

Utilizing Fireflies

Once you have a collection of fireflies at your disposal, you can utilize them in creative ways within the game. Firefly potions can be brewed using nether wart and fermented spider eyes, granting temporary buffs or effects to the player. Enchanting items with fireflies can imbue them with unique properties, enhancing their performance. Additionally, fireflies can be used as decorative elements, adding a magical touch to your builds and landscapes.

With these tips and strategies, you are well on your way to becoming a master of fireflies in Minecraft 1.20. Embrace the beauty and enchantment they bring to the game, and let your creativity soar as you incorporate these luminous creatures into your Minecraft adventures.

Finding Fireflies

Finding Fireflies

Fireflies are enchanting creatures that add a touch of magic to the Minecraft world. These bioluminescent insects can be found in specific locations and biomes, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere when they illuminate the night sky. In this section, we will explore how to find fireflies in Minecraft 1.20 by discovering their preferred spawns, the different locations they can be found in, and the biomes where they thrive.

Firefly Spawns

Fireflies have specific spawn conditions that players need to be aware of. They tend to appear during the nighttime, providing a beautiful spectacle as they flicker and glow. However, their presence is more prevalent in certain areas of the Minecraft world.


To increase your chances of finding fireflies, it's important to know where to look. Fireflies can typically be found near bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and ponds. These serene environments provide the perfect backdrop for these luminescent creatures to thrive.

Additionally, keep an eye out for fireflies near dense forests or wooded areas. The combination of trees and water sources creates an ideal habitat for fireflies to call home.


Fireflies are known to inhabit specific biomes within Minecraft 1.20. While their distribution may vary slightly depending on the world seed, some biomes are more likely to host these enchanting insects:

  1. Forest Biome: Fireflies are commonly found within forest biomes due to the abundance of trees and vegetation.
  2. Swamp Biome: The damp and murky environment of swamp biomes provides favorable conditions for firefly spawns.
  3. Flower Forest Biome: This vibrant biome not only boasts colorful flowers but also attracts fireflies with its lush vegetation.

Exploring these biomes during the nighttime will greatly increase your chances of encountering fireflies and witnessing their magical glow.

Now that you have a better understanding of where fireflies can be found, let's move on to the next section, where we will learn how to attract these captivating insects to your Minecraft world.

Attracting Fireflies

Attracting Fireflies

To enhance your Minecraft experience in version 1.20, you can attract fireflies to add a magical touch to your gameplay. These luminous insects can illuminate the night sky and create a mesmerizing ambiance in your virtual world. In this section, we will explore various methods to attract fireflies using luminous plants, light sources, and even certain mobs.

Luminous Plants

One effective way to attract fireflies is by planting luminous plants in your Minecraft world. These special flora emit a soft glow that entices fireflies to gather around them. Look out for unique plant species like Glowberries or Shroomlights, which emit a gentle luminescence and are known to attract fireflies. By strategically placing these plants throughout your landscape, you can create enchanting areas where fireflies are more likely to appear.

Light Sources

Another method to attract fireflies is by utilizing different light sources in your surroundings. Fireflies are naturally drawn to well-lit areas, so incorporating various light-emitting blocks such as Glowstone, Sea Lanterns, or even Torches can help increase the chances of firefly sightings. Experiment with different combinations and placements of light sources to create an inviting environment for these glowing creatures.


Believe it or not, certain mobs in Minecraft can also play a role in attracting fireflies. Bats, for example, have been observed to interact with fireflies and may lead them towards specific locations. By creating suitable habitats for bats near areas where fireflies spawn, you can indirectly encourage firefly activity. Additionally, cats have been known to chase fireflies, which can make for an entertaining spectacle within your Minecraft world.

By implementing these strategies of attracting fireflies through luminous plants, light sources, and mobs like bats and cats, you can transform your Minecraft nights into breathtaking displays of natural beauty. So go ahead and experiment with these methods to create a captivating and vibrant atmosphere in your virtual realm.

Note: Fireflies are a new feature introduced in Minecraft version 1.20, so make sure to update your game to access this enchanting addition.

Catching Fireflies

Catching Fireflies

When it comes to fireflies in Minecraft 1.20, capturing them can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In this section, we will explore various techniques, essential tools, and the use of catching jars to help you successfully catch these enchanting creatures.

Capture Techniques

To catch fireflies effectively, you'll need to employ some proven capture techniques. One popular method is to approach them slowly and carefully, as sudden movements may scare them away. It's best to crouch while approaching fireflies to reduce your visibility and noise level.

Another technique involves using a fishing rod with the "Lure" enchantment. Cast the line near a firefly, and once it gets close enough, quickly reel it in. This method requires precise timing but can be quite effective if mastered.

Tools for Catching Fireflies

Having the right tools can significantly enhance your chances of successfully catching fireflies. One essential tool is a silk touch enchanted tool or shears. By using either of these items on a firefly perched on a block or plant, you can safely collect them without harming or killing the creature.

Additionally, having a good supply of empty glass bottles will allow you to capture fireflies without causing harm. Simply right-click on a firefly with an empty bottle in hand, and it will transform into a bottled firefly that you can keep as a glowing companion or use for other purposes.

Catching Jars

Catching jars are specialized items designed specifically for capturing and storing fireflies. These jars come in various sizes and materials, each with its own unique properties and benefits. Some catching jars have larger capacities, allowing you to store multiple fireflies at once.

To use a catching jar, simply equip it in your hand and right-click on a firefly to capture it inside the jar. Once captured, the firefly will emit its signature glow from within the jar. You can then place the jar in your inventory or use it as a decorative item in your Minecraft world.

Remember to handle fireflies with care and always release them back into the wild if you no longer need them. This ensures the preservation of these magical creatures and allows others to enjoy their beauty as well.

By utilizing these capture techniques, tools, and catching jars, you'll be able to catch fireflies in Minecraft 1.20 and incorporate their enchanting glow into your gameplay experience. So get ready to embark on a captivating adventure and add a touch of magic to your Minecraft world!

Utilizing Fireflies

Utilizing Fireflies

In Minecraft 1.20, fireflies can serve as more than just a beautiful ambient feature in the game. They can also be utilized in various ways to enhance your gameplay experience. From brewing powerful potions to enchanting items and creating stunning decorations, fireflies offer a range of possibilities for creative players. Let's explore some of the exciting ways you can make use of these luminous creatures.

Potions: Fireflies can be used as a key ingredient in brewing certain potions that provide unique effects. By combining fireflies with other ingredients like nether wart and blaze powder, you can create potions that grant night vision, allowing you to see clearly in dark environments or underwater. These potions can be particularly useful during mining expeditions or when exploring caves.

Enchanted Items: Fireflies possess a magical essence that can be harnessed to enchant your weapons, tools, and armor. By using an enchanting table or anvil along with firefly dust, you can imbue your items with special abilities. For example, enchanting your sword with firefly magic may increase its damage against certain mobs or grant it a chance to ignite enemies on hit. Experiment with different combinations to discover powerful enchantments that suit your playstyle.

Decorations: Fireflies add a mesmerizing glow to any environment, making them perfect for creating captivating decorations in Minecraft. You can capture fireflies in decorative jars and place them around your base or garden to create a serene and enchanting atmosphere. Additionally, you can use firefly lanterns as hanging lights or even incorporate them into intricate redstone contraptions for unique lighting effects.

By utilizing fireflies in these ways, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your Minecraft world but also gain practical advantages through potions and enchanted items. Whether you're an avid potion brewer, an aspiring enchanter, or simply enjoy beautifying your surroundings, fireflies offer a versatile and enchanting addition to your gameplay.

Remember, fireflies are delicate creatures, so handle them with care and ensure their habitats are well-maintained. With a bit of creativity and experimentation, you can unlock the full potential of these luminous insects in Minecraft 1.20. So go ahead, embrace the magic of fireflies and let your imagination soar!


The Conclusion section of this article provides a summary of the key points discussed throughout the guide on how to get fireflies in Minecraft 1.20. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, players will be able to successfully find, attract, catch, and utilize fireflies in their gameplay.

Here are some important takeaways:

  • Fireflies are a new addition to Minecraft 1.20, adding a magical ambiance to the game's night-time environment.
  • To find fireflies, players should explore specific biomes such as forests, swamps, and flower plains.
  • Attracting fireflies can be done by creating luminous plants or placing light sources near areas where they spawn.
  • It is important to note that certain mobs may scare away fireflies, so players should ensure a peaceful environment for them to thrive.
  • Catching fireflies requires patience and precision. Players can use tools like nets or even craft catching jars to capture these enchanting creatures.
  • Once caught, fireflies can be utilized in various ways, such as brewing potions or creating enchanted items. They can also serve as decorative elements in player-built structures.

By incorporating fireflies into their Minecraft adventures, players can enhance their gameplay experience and create stunning visual effects. Remember to experiment with different techniques and unleash your creativity!

For more detailed information on each aspect of getting fireflies in Minecraft 1.20, refer back to the respective sections in this guide. Happy gaming! In the vast world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds, the addition of fireflies in version 1.20 has brought a touch of enchantment to the game. These luminous creatures offer more than just their mesmerizing glow; they provide players with new opportunities for exploration, decoration, and even alchemy.

By understanding where and how fireflies spawn, players can embark on thrilling quests to find these elusive insects. Whether it's venturing into lush forests or exploring mysterious caves, the hunt for fireflies adds an extra layer of excitement to gameplay. Once found, players can learn how to attract fireflies by creating the perfect environment with luminous plants and light sources.

Catching fireflies requires skill and strategy. Armed with the right tools and knowledge of effective capture techniques, players can fill their catching jars with these delicate creatures. The possibilities are endless once fireflies are in your possession. From brewing powerful potions to enhancing items with enchantments, the utilization of fireflies opens up a realm of possibilities for Minecraft enthusiasts.

As we conclude this guide on obtaining fireflies in Minecraft 1.20, remember that these tiny creatures not only illuminate your virtual world but also symbolize the magic and wonder that lies within the game. Their presence adds depth and beauty to your creations while offering new avenues for exploration and experimentation.

So, venture forth into the pixelated landscapes, embrace the thrill of the hunt, and let the gentle flicker of fireflies guide you towards new adventures. May your Minecraft journey be filled with vibrant imagination and exquisite discoveries!

Happy gaming!