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How to Get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft (1.20 Guide)

Minecraft, the immensely popular sandbox game, continues to captivate players worldwide with its endless possibilities and ever-expanding universe. With each new update, Mojang introduces exciting features and resources to enhance gameplay and exploration. One such addition is the introduction of Amethyst Shards in Minecraft's latest update (1.20). These vibrant purple shards hold immense value for players, as they can be used to craft various enchanted items and redstone components.

For Minecraft enthusiasts, acquiring Amethyst Shards has become a top priority. However, finding these precious shards can be quite challenging without the right knowledge and strategies. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the depths of Minecraft's world to uncover the secrets of obtaining Amethyst Shards.

Whether you are a seasoned player looking to expand your inventory or a newcomer eager to explore all that Minecraft has to offer, this guide will provide you with valuable insights on how to obtain Amethyst Shards efficiently. From locating Amethyst Geodes to mining Amethyst Blocks and exploring different methods for obtaining these coveted shards, we will cover it all.

So grab your pickaxe, sharpen your survival skills, and let's embark on an adventure through Minecraft's enchanting realm as we unravel the mysteries of Amethyst Shards!

What are Amethyst Shards?

Amethyst Shards are a valuable resource found in the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. In this game, players can explore and build within a vast virtual world filled with various materials and minerals. Amethyst Shards, specifically, are unique purple crystals that serve multiple purposes within the game.

In Minecraft, Amethyst Shards are obtained by breaking Amethyst Blocks, which can be found in Amethyst Geodes. These geodes are generated underground and have a distinct appearance with their vibrant purple coloration. The shards themselves have a sparkling effect, making them visually appealing to players.

The primary purpose of Amethyst Shards is for crafting various items and blocks. They can be used to create powerful tools and weapons, such as the Amethyst Sword or the Spyglass, which allows players to zoom in on distant objects. Additionally, Amethyst Shards are essential for crafting tinted glass blocks and telescopes.

Aside from their crafting applications, Amethyst Shards also play a role in redstone components. Players can use them to craft an Amethyst Cluster, which emits a redstone signal when powered by a comparator. This opens up possibilities for creating intricate redstone contraptions and automated systems within the game.

In summary, Amethyst Shards in Minecraft are valuable purple crystals that can be obtained by breaking Amethyst Blocks found in Amethyst Geodes. They serve multiple purposes, including crafting powerful tools and weapons, creating tinted glass blocks, and contributing to redstone components. Their unique properties make them highly sought after by players looking to enhance their gameplay experience.

Finding Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst Geodes are unique structures found in Minecraft that contain valuable Amethyst Shards. These geodes can be a fantastic resource for players looking to enhance their gameplay experience. In this section, we will explore the locations, mining techniques, and generation mechanics of Amethyst Geodes.

Location: Amethyst Geodes can be found underground in the Overworld biome known as the Amethyst Geode biome. These biomes generate uncommonly below Y-level 70, making them quite challenging to locate. It's important to note that they can generate partially or entirely submerged in bodies of water, so keep an eye out for them while exploring caves or mining near water sources.

Mining: Once you've located an Amethyst Geode, mining it requires some careful planning. The geode is composed of various blocks, including Amethyst Blocks, Calcite Blocks, and Smooth Basalt. To access the precious Amethyst Shards inside, you'll need to break the outer layer of blocks using a pickaxe with at least an Iron tier or higher. Be cautious not to damage the delicate inner blocks that contain the shards.

Generation: The generation of Amethyst Geodes follows specific rules. Each chunk has a chance to contain up to four geodes, and they generate independently of each other. The size and shape of geodes can vary significantly, ranging from small clusters to large chambers filled with multiple geodes interconnected by basalt bridges. This randomness adds an element of excitement and exploration when searching for these valuable structures.

Exploring and mining Amethyst Geodes can be a rewarding endeavor in Minecraft. Not only do they provide you with a source of Amethyst Shards for crafting purposes, but their unique appearance also adds aesthetic value to your world. So grab your pickaxe and venture into the depths to discover these hidden treasures!

Mining Amethyst Blocks

Mining Amethyst Blocks

Amethyst Blocks are a valuable resource in Minecraft that can be obtained from Amethyst Geodes. These blocks have a unique appearance and possess various uses in the game. To mine Amethyst Blocks efficiently, you'll need the right tools, a good strategy, and an understanding of the mining time involved.

Tools: To mine Amethyst Blocks, you will need an iron or diamond pickaxe. These pickaxes are strong enough to break the blocks and collect the precious shards within. It's important to note that using any other tool, such as a wooden or stone pickaxe, will result in the block breaking without dropping any shards.

Mining Time: The mining time for Amethyst Blocks varies depending on the tool used. With an iron pickaxe, it takes approximately 14 seconds to mine each block. However, if you have a diamond pickaxe, the mining time is reduced to around 10 seconds per block. Therefore, it's advisable to use a diamond pickaxe if available to save time and increase efficiency.

Strategy: When mining Amethyst Blocks, it's essential to have a strategic approach to maximize your shard collection. Here are a few tips:

  1. Explore Amethyst Geodes: Amethyst Blocks are typically found inside Amethyst Geodes. These geodes generate underground in clusters and can be located by their distinct purple hue. Exploring caves and underground ravines is often the best way to find these geodes.
  2. Bring Enough Pickaxes: Since mining Amethyst Blocks can take some time, it's recommended to bring multiple pickaxes with you. This way, you won't waste precious mining time waiting for your pickaxe to regenerate durability.
  3. Clear Surrounding Blocks: Before mining an Amethyst Block, clear out any surrounding blocks that may obstruct your movement or cause accidental block breaks. This will ensure smooth and uninterrupted mining.
  4. Create a Mining Pattern: To mine Amethyst Blocks efficiently, create a mining pattern that allows you to cover the area systematically. This could be as simple as starting from one end of the geode and working your way across in rows or columns.

By following these tips and employing an efficient mining strategy, you can gather a significant number of Amethyst Shards from mining Amethyst Blocks. These shards will prove invaluable for crafting various items and unlocking new possibilities in your Minecraft adventures.

Obtaining Amethyst Shards

Obtaining Amethyst Shards

To progress in Minecraft's latest update (1.20), it is essential to acquire Amethyst Shards. These valuable resources play a crucial role in crafting various items, including telescopes, tinted glass, and spyglasses. In this section, we will explore the different methods of obtaining Amethyst Shards, the blocks that yield them when broken, and the drop rates associated with each method.

Breaking Blocks:

The primary way to obtain Amethyst Shards is by breaking specific blocks found within Amethyst Geodes. These geodes are unique structures that generate underground in Minecraft's Overworld. Inside these geodes, you can find clusters of Amethyst Blocks, which can be mined to obtain Amethyst Shards.


There are two main methods for obtaining Amethyst Shards from Amethyst Blocks: using a pickaxe or utilizing the Silk Touch enchantment. When using a pickaxe without the Silk Touch enchantment, breaking an Amethyst Block yields 4-6 Amethyst Shards. However, if you have a tool enchanted with Silk Touch, breaking an Amethyst Block drops the block itself instead of shards.

Drop Rates:

The drop rates for obtaining Amethyst Shards vary depending on the method used to break the blocks. Without Silk Touch, breaking an Amethyst Block has a 55% chance of dropping 4 shards and a 45% chance of dropping 5 shards. On average, you can expect to receive around 4.45 shards per block broken.

It's worth noting that using Fortune enchantments on your pickaxe does not affect the drop rate of Amethyst Shards from Amethyst Blocks. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on obtaining Silk Touch for maximum shard acquisition.

In addition to mining Amethyst Blocks directly, there may be future updates or game modes that introduce alternative methods for obtaining Amethyst Shards. As the Minecraft community continues to evolve, keep an eye out for new strategies and techniques that may emerge.

Now that you understand the various methods of obtaining Amethyst Shards, you can embark on your journey to collect these precious resources. Whether you choose to mine Amethyst Blocks directly or utilize Silk Touch, the shards you acquire will open up a world of possibilities for crafting and enhancing your Minecraft experience.

Using Amethyst Shards

Using Amethyst Shards

Amethyst Shards are valuable resources in Minecraft that can be used for various purposes, including crafting recipes, enchanted items, and redstone components. These shards are obtained by breaking Amethyst Blocks found within Amethyst Geodes. In this section, we will explore the different ways you can utilize Amethyst Shards to enhance your gameplay.

Crafting Recipes

Amethyst Shards can be used in several crafting recipes to create unique and useful items. One of the most popular uses for Amethyst Shards is crafting Spyglass, a handy tool that allows players to zoom in on distant objects or landscapes. To craft a Spyglass, you will need one Amethyst Shard placed in the center of the crafting table grid.

Enchanted Items

Amethyst Shards can also be used to enchant certain items. By combining an item with an Amethyst Shard on an Anvil, you have a chance to add special enchantments to the item. These enchantments can provide various benefits such as increased durability, increased damage, or special abilities. Experimenting with different combinations of items and Amethyst Shards can lead to powerful and customized gear.

Redstone Components

Redstone enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Amethyst Shards can be used in the creation of redstone components. By combining an Amethyst Shard with other materials such as Redstone Dust or Iron Ingots, you can craft unique redstone devices like the Tinted Glass block or the Sculk Sensor. These components can add complexity and functionality to your redstone contraptions, allowing for more intricate automation and mechanisms.

Remember to experiment and explore different combinations of Amethyst Shards with other materials to discover new recipes and possibilities. Whether you're seeking enhanced tools, enchanted gear, or advanced redstone contraptions, Amethyst Shards offer a wide range of creative opportunities in Minecraft.

Note: The availability and functionality of Amethyst Shards may vary depending on the Minecraft version and modpacks used.


Amethyst Shards in Minecraft can be a valuable resource for crafting various items and enhancing gameplay. By following some tips and strategies, you can optimize your Amethyst Shard collection and make the most out of this precious material.

One useful tip is to explore different biomes to increase your chances of finding Amethyst Geodes. These geodes are natural formations that contain Amethyst Blocks, which can be mined to obtain Amethyst Shards. Keep an eye out for underground caves and caverns, as they often house these geodes.

When mining Amethyst Blocks, it's important to use the right tools. A diamond or netherite pickaxe is required to break these blocks effectively. Additionally, be patient while mining as it takes some time to gather the shards from each block. Having a strategy in place will help you efficiently mine and collect a significant number of shards.

There are several methods to obtain Amethyst Shards aside from mining blocks. One method is by using a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe on Amethyst Clusters found inside geodes. This allows you to directly obtain intact clusters, which can then be broken into shards using any tool.

Another strategy is to trade with wandering traders who occasionally offer Amethyst Shards as a trade option. Keep an eye out for these traders in your Minecraft world and take advantage of their offers when available.

Once you have obtained Amethyst Shards, they can be used in various crafting recipes. Combine them with copper ingots to create Spyglasses or use them to craft Tinted Glass blocks for decorative purposes. Additionally, Amethyst Shards can be used in the creation of Redstone Components such as the Spyglass Clock or Lightning Rod.

In conclusion, mastering the art of obtaining Amethyst Shards in Minecraft requires careful exploration, efficient mining techniques, and strategic use of resources. By following these tips and strategies, you can enhance your gameplay experience and unlock the full potential of this vibrant gemstone. Amethyst Shards are a valuable resource in Minecraft's latest update (1.20), offering players exciting new crafting possibilities and enchantments. By understanding how to obtain these shimmering purple fragments, you can enhance your gameplay experience and unlock hidden potential within the game.

Firstly, we explored the concept of Amethyst Shards and their purpose in Minecraft. These exquisite shards serve as key ingredients for crafting various items and enchantments, making them highly sought after by players.

Next, we delved into the process of finding Amethyst Geodes, the natural formations that house Amethyst Blocks. These geodes can be discovered deep underground, adding an element of adventure to your mining expeditions.

Once you've located an Amethyst Geode, mining the Amethyst Blocks becomes crucial. Armed with the right tools and knowledge of mining strategies, you can efficiently gather these blocks and increase your chances of obtaining Amethyst Shards.

Speaking of obtaining Amethyst Shards, we explored different methods to acquire them. From breaking Amethyst Clusters to utilizing Fortune-enchanted tools, each approach offers its own advantages and drop rates. Experimenting with these methods will help you amass a substantial collection of Amethyst Shards.

Finally, we discussed the various applications of Amethyst Shards. Whether it's crafting unique items like Spyglass or utilizing them in redstone components such as Tinted Glass or Lightning Rods, these shards add depth and versatility to your Minecraft world.

In conclusion, mastering the art of obtaining Amethyst Shards opens up a world of possibilities in Minecraft (1.20). By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can harness the power of these vibrant purple fragments and take your gameplay to new heights. So venture forth, explore the depths, mine diligently, and let the brilliance of Amethyst Shards illuminate your Minecraft journey like never before.